Pleased to announce that I will be progressing a new stream of demonstrations for the new year at select Blick art stores featuring
Winsor & Newton oil paints and mediums! I'll be gaining momentum at Blick Evanston (1755 Maple Ave) this Friday December 22 from
5-7pm. Come by and watch or participate in this FREE demo and experience the expressive and technical capabilities of the Winsor & Newton pigments, brushes, and mediums while painting the portrait.

Event Synopsis and engagement
In the study of work-flow efficiency in fine art portraiture, spectators will learn palette preparation, roles of Winsor & Newton colour and mediums, and establish construction elements in a four step process. The two hour workshop/demonstration will be divided by four 25 minute pose/paint sessions with 5 minute question and answer in between. Individual attention will be provided if desired.

I hope to see you there! Be sure to follow me on the various social media channels - links at the bottom of this page.

Also be sure to follow Blick Evanston at and




Pisthurism #17

Tried a new surface for this series the other day. Painted this little ink tree on gesso board - 5x5 inches. Setting up an Etsy shop soon, all of my prints and some of my originals will be for sale, and just in time for the holiday season! But in the meantime, this guy needs a home. $150. Interested? Send me a message and it's yours for 30% off. I'll even ship it to ya for free.

Happy Holidays Everyone!



Blick Grande Opening Demonstration

Here are some pics from the Blick Grande Opening in Schaumburg this last weekend. I had a great time. To be totally honest, I was quite nervous at first. I don't do this sort of thing often, painting in front of people that is... Painting a live model is quite different than painting from a reference photo, but as I've had plenty of experience doing so, I usually don't have people watching my every move! Well, almost. They were occupied by their own creations too, and I was happy to be a part of their guidance.

Thanks to Colart, Winsor & Newton, my wonderful model, Elizabeth, and the eager participants!

Photo cred: Lyndsey MacGregor




It's coming up quick! I am representing the esteemed brand Winsor & Newton at the Blick grand opening in Schaumburg this Saturday the 19th at 4-6pm. See the opening and activity information here. My part will be a two hour portrait demo of my friend Elizabeth. My many thanks to her for sitting for me this time around. There will be stations set up for interaction and practice with the products under my guidance. Come and enjoy!

I've had a wonderful time painting and playing around with some new products by Winsor & Newton's Liquin line of mediums. My paints flow effortlessly over the oil paper, and retain a lovely, unifying sheen. I'll be posting more of these portrait sketches, featuring the Winsor & Newton product line. So be sure to check back at my website, or my official YouTube channel for more, and subscribe for continued updates. See you there!




My girlfriend and I went for a long drive to visit Asheville NC and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains a couple of weeks ago. It was a beautiful excursion with many visual delights! Perfect to further inspire my latest collection, Psithurism.

I found myself wanting to stay and fix my gaze at the distant rising and falling of the earth. And it was such a joy to hike through the thicks of rhododendrons, and enter into a world of sweet smelling fantasy. A recommended visit to the famous Biltmore Estate got me up close and personal to a John Singer Sargent painting! What more could a guy ask for??



I was invited to install an exhibition for a private Chicago wine cellar in Roscoe Village for the month of July. This is a members only, BYO space featuring a temperature controlled cellar, a fully equipped bar with glasses, cocktail making sets and mixers. Perfect for enjoying your own drinks/cocktails by yourself, or in the company of friends in an attractive, casual space. It's pretty cool! 

This exhibition is special, as it features the first selections from my ink tree collection, now titled Psithurism, along with another small collection from my earlier series, The Caves of My Mind

I am sending out a special invitation for YOU and your friends to join me and the other members at a private reception for this exhibition on Thursday, July 27th, 6 - 9 p.m.! It's so hush hush, you will have to RSVP to get information about it's location. And I will be your personal liaison.

Here are the need to know's:

  1. YOU and your friends are invited to this private reception, Thursday, July 27th, 6 - 9 p.m. 
  2. Please RSVP to me by Tuesday, July 25th, to be added to the guest list, and to be provided with instructions for arrival. This is the only way to see the space! 
  3. Light refreshments will be served, but BYO is highly encouraged!
  4. No dress restrictions, although business casual will be appreciated.

This is a FREE 21+ event! Looking forward to seeing you,




I'm painting the portrait from a live model this evening at Rogers Park Social. From 7pm-10pm. Come out if you can. Questions encouraged!

See the original FB invite here! 

Contributions to our community

The Franciscan Outreach program in Chicago will be holding a Gala this evening to raise funds and celebrate outstanding contributions to underserved communities throughout Chicago and neighboring areas. I am pleased to donate this painting for the event's silent auction!


More information here:


I typically spend a lovely 10 or 15 minutes out on the pier in Rogers Park, Chicago (near my apt and studio) in the late evening before I turn in for the night. Time staring at the moon casting it’s light on the water with the distant view of downtown is heartening. I stayed for a while longer tonight. I couldn’t get enough of it. The wind was warm and vigorous, and the waves crashed and swelled. The mildly violent spring turbulence gave me an unexpected comfort, encouraging reflection on my dreams, experiences, and accomplishments. I look outward and realized I’ve fought for my time here. I have been in the city nearing 3 years, and it seems my persistence and luck will allow for me to continue. I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the doors I’ve been able to open, and love for the people who have opened their arms to me. 

Tonight came as a great reminder that this line of work cannot be sustained on inspiration alone. It comes often with many things I didn’t expect. It’s more humbling than I had planned for. And not only in the obvious times of struggle, but also, and even more so, in times of assurance. To give myself to this entirely and faithfully is one of the most unnerving and beautiful things I’ve ever done. 


original art sale AT THE PALETTE & CHISEL

Looking for affordable art? Be sure to stop by the Palette & Chisel this Saturday for a one day only exhibition, and find the perfect piece of artwork for under $300! 

Click here for Palette & Chisels Facebook page which features some of the work that will be available. I am contributing 8 pieces of my own work. 



Hello! Under SELECTED WORKS, you will find a new "Current Projects" section that I've recently added. Parallel to my occasional artistic detours, it involves works that I am currently focusing on. You may have seen some of my ink tree paintings pop up on my social media channels. This page is an effort to give them an official home, with details, a bit of history, and exhibition intentions. Looking forward to keeping you informed about this project! Please sign my mailing list to get the latest.




I am happy to announce a couple of events in which I will be participating the weekend of March 10th. My deepest thanks to the coordinators that reached out and gave me the opportunity to share and educate.

Demonstrating Artist
I will be a demonstrator in a live art event hosted by 8 to CREATE! 8 artists have 8 hours to create 8 pieces. It is open to the public to observe, engage, and participate in the creative process. Artists this year include: Hong Chun Zhang (Featured), Neurotik, Jason Michael Bentley, Kathleen Durkin, Maya Bauer, Nicole Brunel, Shannon Tomanovich, and Ghi Fremaux.

Stop by anytime between 10am and 6pm to watch the artists work! Then stay for the reception at 6:30 pm. Food and drinks provided.

Go to for more information!
Donate at to help them buy supplies, support artists, rent the venue and more!

206 W Main St, Urbana, Illinois 61801

Demonstrations: Saturday, March 11 at 10 AM - 6 PM
Reception: 6:30 PM



Rembrandt Society Workshop Presenter
On Friday, March 10, at the I Hotel in Champaign, I will be a workshop presenter for the Rembrandt Society Convention. The Rembrandt Society is a non-profit organization made up of high school and middle school art clubs, grades 7 – 12, from all over Illinois. The Illinois Student Art Association/Rembrandt Society enhances student art education through conventions, workshops, meetings, scholarships, and newsletters. 





oils : watercolor : graphite : charcoal

Hello everyone. I'm opening my studio for one-on-one art instruction/ mentoring in Rogers Park. Learn new techniques or brush up on your skills. Beginner and experienced artists welcome!

Email for bookings and session information.

$50/hour :  Sliding scale may be available based on income, and my availability. Additional material charges apply, or welcome to supply your own.


Back in the studio

Hey everyone, it's been a long time and no updates... Sorry about that! Took some time away to go back to Scotland. You will likely see paintings inspired by my travels in the coming months. 

I'm back in the studio. First order of business is to get a large collection of these ink tree paintings completed!




Happy Holidays everyone! Due to demand last year, I’ve decided to bring this back. $95 8 x 8 inch oil painting commissions! (Originally $150) Take advantage of a great sale, or give as a gift. Turn anything you want into an original painting: Favorite landscapes, nostalgia, art copies, and portraits (pet portraits too). Ships U.S. and internationally.

Please place your orders as early as you can for timely delivery! You can contact me here, or at


I am very proud that the foundation of my art education began at this college, and excited about The Lilac Blanket being selected for this very special exhibition. Join me for an artists reception, at the Parkland College 50th: Art and Design Alumni Exhibition, this Thursday, September 29, 5-7pm. at the Giertz Gallery. Live music by the Parkland Guitar Ensemble. 

Exhibition will run Monday, September 26 - Saturday, November 5, 2016

Participating Artists include:
Jodi Adams, Jenny Barrett, Jason Bentley, Jess Beyler, Jennifer Bonilla-Edgington, Daniel Bornt, Taylor Braasch, Felicia Breen, Cindy Carlson, Marsha Daniels, Sabrina Donnelly, Kyle Dunn, Christopher Evans, Jeff Evans, Bob Fish, Jacob Foran, Viktoria Ford, Todd Frahm, Julio Gaytan, Megan Hinds, Sarah Holt, Michael Hughes, Sandra Hynds, Eric Inskip, Siti Mariah Jackson, Dusten Jenkins, Lauren Jenkins, Judy Jones, Jan Kappes, Lisa Kesler, Bruce Kloth, Patricia Knowles, Rick Larimore, Paula McCarty, Ann McDowell, Lawrence McGown, Michelle Miller, Charlie Mitsdarfer, Patricia Monigold, Georgia Morgan, Amanda Mulcahy, Jason Patterson, Ruta Rauber, Laura Reiss, Rebecca Renwick, Ann Rund, Barbara Ryan, Judy Seyb, Shaheen Shorish, Emily Sur, Bonnie Switzer, Michael Thomas, June Volkening, Yu Wang, Rosalind Faiman Weinberg, Charles Wisseman, Sarah Wisseman, Shania Wright, & Michael Zachay

For more information visit:



A couple of months ago, I was commissioned by a dear friend to paint a tryptic of abstract oil paintings (2 pictured above). I was very flattered that he asked, but apprehensive at first, as this is brand new ground for me. The popular quote by Pablo Picasso came to mind-“I am always doing that which I cannot do, in order that I may learn how to do it.” This is good reflection for anyone interested in broadening their facilities. And as a lover/practitioner of good craftsmanship, I am drawn to this endeavor, despite the slight horror that accompanies. 

This effort was quite a genre leap, however. Other than the exposure amassed by my studies, artist acquaintances, museums, and gallery visits, I’ve put little thought into the concepts behind abstract paintings. I find that I am more literal than perhaps some of my artistic counterparts. I’ve always been attracted to obtaining skill in representational practices, and perhaps increasing my dexterity for general aesthetic perspectives. But what does that mean in context to abstract painting? What does that look like? I understand enough that, to every visual cohesion, there are certain rules binding the work together. Applying the elements of design and composition are among such rules. As these are also concepts used in literal practices, I felt I at least had something to start with. But it didn’t take me long before I became perplexed and frustrated in my apparent lack of intuitive muscle. “I’m an artist god-damn it,” I muttered to myself. “I should be able to do this.” 

I find, sometimes, that I side with people that look at abstract paintings and say mockingly under their breath to a friend that “they can do that.” At first glance, for some paintings, it often looks very much like an effortless endeavor. It is true that anyone can take a brush charged with paint and scribble on a canvas. But as I found myself doing so in preparation for something profound, I saw nothing staring back at me. What was I doing wrong? When will it begin to speak to me? Do I begin with something descriptive and then strip away to become more figurative?

Intent aside, a poorly executed painting, I believe, is an easy thing to spot, abstract or not. But what makes a great painting? It’s easier to recognize in representational painting. Does it convince the viewer of your physical knowledge of the subject matter? In other words, does it look real? Or if done with more spontaneity, is your knowledge still taken for granted? Does it show your familiarity of aesthetic reference or construction? 

After spending hours and days finagling, layering, mixing, scraping, smearing, and cutting through the paint I found that the process itself was taking hold and whispering in my ear. I began to simply enjoy the path of freely creating. And in the end, when I decided to stop, something strangely pleasant sat in front of me. By no means am I suggesting that I now know what I am doing. But I do have a respect for this process. As it took years of dedication and practice to learn more classical techniques, I realize that this hypothetical world of color and shapes will take its share of time. Time needed to for the refinement of instinct, style, innovation and trust in the process. I am intrigued, and will continue my study. I am grateful for this experience. Thanks to my good friend, whom without, I may have never begun this journey.


So very excited to inform you all about a new show today at Studio Oh!, in Pilsen-a gallery I've been admiring for some time. Two of my paintings, Peace and Honesty, and Existence have been selected to be a part of this exhibition focusing on the human body titled, Figuring It Out, curated by Teresa Hofheimer. This is a group show with many talented artists displaying two-dimensional work. The show runs now through September 14. Please join me on a special night for refreshments and meeting at the artist's reception, Friday August 12. 

FIGURING IN OUT ---------------------------------
August 2-September 14
Reception with the artists: Friday August 12, 6-10 pm.
Studio Oh!
1837 S. Halsted st. Chicago, IL.
1 (773) 474-1070

Regular Gallery hours:
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday 1-6pm and by appointment.